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We not only can help with data entry but with any data analysis and processing that you need

Our team knows its way around Excel and around databases. If you just need us for data entry, we will just do data entry. But if you need us to analyze data, whether that be in an Excel pivot table or whether you need us to periodically query databases for information you need, we can help with all that. We can even handle more complex tasks like creating macros in Excel or building a database for you from scratch.

Our team can also handle monitoring work. They can periodically check on data like web server records and notify you if there are any issues. They can monitor E-commerce databases and contact you if stock is running out in a particular SKU. Our team can serve as sentinels and alert you when there are problems. The good news is that this work can almost always be done remotely and this will enable us to save you money by using our India-based team.

Excel-based projects are particularly welcome as we test Excel proficiency before hiring an employee so that we know that our entire team can handle Excel projects.

Here are some of the benefits of having us assist you with data analysis and processing

  • We know that data is often only useful if you know how to analyze it, so we have made sure from the beginning of our company that all of our team members can both enter data but also possess the knowledge and experience to analyze the data so that insights can be fed up the chain to our clients.
  • We have experts in each domain and so no matter what technology you are using, we can help with any data processing that you need done.

Special Offer:

  • For any project that is expected to be longer-term or ongoing (last 12 months or more), we can provide you with a one-month, no-obligation, free trial of our service.
  • For shorter term or one-time projects, we can do approximately 1/12th of the project as a free trial. If you are satisfied at the 1/12th mark, we can then finish the project for you. 


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