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Assembling Custom Marketing Lists is one of Our Specialties

The most common project we work on is assembling mailing and email marketing lists. We know that bringing in new clients and new revenue is critical for our clients and so we are equipped to assist on the advertising side and revenue generation side of your organization. Don’t just think of our India-based team as a way to save money on the expense side of the equation. We also know how to help our clients market their services and bring in money on the revenue side. 

Our first projects as a company, dating all the way back to mid-2012, involved assembling mailing lists for law firms and attorneys. We still have several hundred law firm clients that use our team to help with their legal marketing. Assembling mailing and email marketing lists is the most common thing we do as a company except for basic data entry into forms and databases.

You don’t even have to tell us where to find the best data source to create the leads for the marketing list. Just tell us what your company does and who your ideal customer/client is, and we can find a data source and come up with a plan to generate leads. While we don’t handle phone-based marketing, we are experienced with direct mail marketing. We have access to sophisticated mailing software that can be used to remove duplicate records, remove most bad addresses, and standardize and cleanse the mailing addresses. This will minimize returned mail and thus save you money on your mailing campaign.

Special Offer:

  • For any project that is expected to be longer-term or ongoing (last 12 months or more), we can provide you with a one-month, no-obligation, free trial of our service.
  • For shorter term or one-time projects, we can do approximately 1/12th of the project as a free trial. If you are satisfied at the 1/12th mark, we can then finish the project for you. 


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