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We help with all the Clerical, Back-Office Tasks for Real Estate Firms and Agents

Real estate agents are so busy and they have to travel so much for their jobs that they often need a lot of help with all the back-office paperwork that goes into being a real estate agent. These back-office tasks and paperwork are quite specialized and require skillful employees to be able to do them. Finding such employees can be a challenge. And the cost to hire all that help can be very expensive.

Our India-based team has the skill and experience in this industry while at the same time costing you a lot less. We are familiar with doing the following work:

  • Working for escrow companies and helping meet all their back-office needs. We also have experience working for a variety of real estate companies and agents.
  • Finding property owners’ details by using the property addresses from a County Assessor’s website.
  • Retrieving real estate documents/data from county recordings. Common documents that we are asked to find are Deeds, Mortgages, Judgments, Liens, Tax, and Subordinations.
  • Researching on, and pulling data from,,,,*
  • Pulling mortgage recording information that mortgage protection insurance agents like to use for direct mail marketing.
  • Working with title applications of Title point, Softpro, Smartview, and ResWare*.
  • Pulling mortgage brokers/loan officers data from mortgage company websites for our title company clients.
  • Performing data entry of Title Commitment reports after the Title Search.

The time to completion for any special projects is usually just 24 hours. We have the ability to surge resources to time-sensitive jobs.

Special Offer:

  • For any project that is expected to be longer-term or ongoing (last 12 months or more), we can provide you with a one-month, no-obligation, free trial of our service.
  • For shorter term or one-time projects, we can do approximately 1/12th of the project as a free trial. If you are satisfied at the 1/12th mark, we can then finish the project for you. 


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