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Our Team is Skilled at Finding Information Online

The first clients we ever provided service to were lawyers who wanted us to do a combination of internet research and manual data entry into spreadsheets. These lawyers were trying to build marketing lists. Whether your purpose is to create a mailing or email list for marketing purposes or to research what competitors are doing or to record the results of internet searches for SEO purposes, our team can help.

Another big reason to hire our team to do internet research is to get feedback on what competitors are doing. We can monitor your competitors’ offers, promotions, and pricing online, and any changes to those offers. If there any internet-based tasks that you find painfully repetitive, we can assist with those.

Here are some of the benefits of having us work on your Internet Research and Location-Independent Work

  • Some of the roles in your company may require an in-office employee, but there are probably some roles that can be done by remote-working employees. This opens up an enormous opportunity for you to save money and get great performance using our India team. You can also save money and scale your business more quickly with the money saved.
  • Through outsourcing to our India team, you don’t have to worry about all the HR headaches and labor compliance headaches.

Special Offer:

  • For any project that is expected to be longer-term or ongoing (last 12 months or more), we can provide you with a one-month, no-obligation, free trial of our service.
  • For shorter term or one-time projects, we can do approximately 1/12th of the project as a free trial. If you are satisfied at the 1/12th mark, we can then finish the project for you. 


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