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Unique Projects are no Problem; in Fact, We Love Them.

What if what you have in mind isn’t a service that is specifically listed on our website? What if you have come up with something unique or innovative and so it doesn’t fit any pre-conceived label? Well, we love those sorts of projects. We call them special projects. Sometimes the work most worth doing doesn’t yet have a label. Most of our clients are entrepreneurs with great ideas. They just need a remote, efficient, and affordable workforce to help execute on those great ideas. Even if you think that your idea doesn’t fit what we do, please just contact us and run it by us. We are flexible, adaptable, and our team is used to being trained in novel applications. As long as you are willing to provide some explanation and (if needed) some training, we would like to work on your special project.

Here are some of the benefits of having us work on your special project:

  • We are willing to sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.
  • We value our reputation in the legal, real estate, insurance, business, and entrepreneur communities and so we would never compromise the secrecy of a special project that hasn’t been made public yet.
  • About 10% of the work we do defies categorization and is unique and innovative enough to earn the special project's label. We may not have experience with your innovative application, but we are quick learners who are used to getting up to speed quickly with new ideas and technologies.

Special Offer:

  • For any project that is expected to be longer-term or ongoing (last 12 months or more), we can provide you with a one-month, no-obligation, free trial of our service.
  • For shorter term or one-time projects, we can do approximately 1/12th of the project as a free trial. If you are satisfied at the 1/12th mark, we can then finish the project for you. 


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